Emrys Cliffbanished

Dwarven "Druid", ship active negotiator.


HP: 43(49)
AC: 17(15)
+10(12) Fort
+7 Reflex
+2(4) Will

Masterwork Heavy Flail “Wand”
+8(10) to hit.
1d10 + 6(9) damage.
Crit: 19-20, x2

Throwing Axes
+7 to hit
1d6 + 4(6) damage.

Masterwork Studded Leather
+3 AC


Exiled from the cliffhome for being uncivilized, Emrys found a home among the trees with a group of somewhat misguided druids. From them, he learned to enhance his hatred of civilization, and attempted, mostly unsuccessfully, to learn druidic magic.

He was hired on board the ship to serve as muscle, and excells at his job, using his intelligence to be more than just your basic hired mook.

Emrys Cliffbanished

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